Journalist Alex "Al Boy" Halligan (above):

(YouTube – user/SalfordSU <- Full of RED SCUM)

Name, Address:

Alex Halligan
Flat 14f,
Bramall Court
Canon Street
M3 6WB






The NUJ's Eamonn McCann, Irish Republican and Socialist Workers Party member. It's OK  for Brit-hating fenian Trots to be members of the NUJ but they proscribe British Nationalists for being proud of their Race and Nation.

Redwatch Refuted

Journalist Peter Lazenby (right) has spoken out against the far-right after a photograph from outside NUJ conference appeared on the extreme nationalist website Redwatch.

The picture (above), taken by NUJ student David Hedges, was taken without permission and appeared on Redwatch yesterday afternoon.

Mr Lazenby, who has been involved in investigating the extreme-right since the 1970s, wants the website shut down. He said: “The NUJ wants the site banned as it’s picking on journalists in particular. It’s incitement to bloody violence, but the government say they can’t do it because it’s sourced in the United States. But we know who runs it locally.

“One is Kevin Watmough, who is a Bradford based Nazi, now associated with a group called the British People’s Party, and the other is a bloke called Simon Sheppard, both of whom have spent time in prison.”


Redwatch is used as a resource to compile personal details and images of suspected anti-fascists and other political opponents. Although the site claims this is for the sake of information gathering only, there have been several incidents of violence in the past.

Mr Lazenby’s image appears on Redwatch as an alleged “Red Journalist”. He said: “I’m not paranoid and I’m not going to let these people affect my life but things do happen.

“In Leeds there were two teachers who were active anti-fascists. Their details appeared on the site and three nights later their car was petrol bombed. A guy in Liverpool also had his details published and somebody turned up on his doorstep and stabbed him in the face.”

As a reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post and Chairman of the NUJ’s branch in Leeds, Mr Lazenby has none-the-less been a target for Redwatch activists in the past: “They once published an address that I have lived at previously. At that point I had to get in touch with the police and tell them that this place might come under attack. Since then I have moved several times and fortunately they have never found me.”

The appearance of the photograph on Redwatch initially caused dismay among some NUJ delegates, who called yesterday for a general ban on photography whilst conference was in session.

Such fears were countered this morning in a speech by student-journalist Elizabeth Houghton. She said: “I am not one of those student photographers but I, like the rest of you, stand by them. If you say that photography must be banned because Nazis may, at a later point, use any photo to intimidate journalists, you might as well grab their cameras now and throw them on the funeral pyre of freedom of expression.”

Red journalists outside the NUJ ADM, November 2009

Andy Manning Y.E.P journalist and friend of Peter Lazenby
Also photo editor at YEP

Leeds red Journalist/photographer

              Marc Vallee

Below is part of a conversation the Yorkshire Evening Post's resident red journalist Peter Lazenby has had with a Kevin Stannard – this shows you who this creep is working for: Red Pepper, The Guardian, etc., etc.
From Peter Lazenby

Aye Oop Kevin

I've gone on to part-time work at the Yorkshire Evening Post now, Wednesday to Friday. The rest of the time me and Gelt are building up our own freelance operation, named Red Lead Media – Lead as in pencil, and Red you can work out for yourself. Working from home I'm writing for trades union mags, Red Pepper, Guardian online, and also... Read More I'm working with Anne Scargill writing her life story which we hope will be published next year. So, plenty happening. I had to pull out of my Trades Club work last year. We were organising a big strike here and something had to give. I'm a trustee now, so still doing a bit for the Trades.
Give us a shout when you're around for a beer.


August 19 at 9:51am


Above: This is Nick Ryan, author of the notoriously anti-Nationalist book 'Homeland'. This photo was taken last Remembrance Sunday in London. Ryan has close links to Gable/Searchlight and has written various articles that denigrate and ridicule British Nationalism.  A member of the National Union of Journalists, he writes articles for the Guardian under various different pen names other than his own. He is rumoured to be currently writing Volume 2 of the book 'White Riot'. All British Nationalists, especially younger ones, must keep clear of this rat. He will get you to tell him about your activities in the guise of an impartial journalist but his sole aim is to misquote you for his political masters at Searchlight and Woburn House so they can put you in jail on conspiracy charges. Avoid him like the plague!

Dominik Lemanski , red journalist.


Tim Lezard, freelance journalist, NUJ member. Lezard
orchestrated the demo against the BNP in Gloucester in early march.
Mobile: 07810 641 459

Journalist Pete Marshall has had the full stolen BNP Membership List on his website illegally for the past couple of days, which he refuses to remove.

Contact details:
Street: 45 Butler Road
Town: Solihull
Postcode: B92 7QL
Region/nation: West Midlands
Country: United Kingdom
Mobile: 07932303469

Ian Berriman works for the magazine SFX and has been spreading a link to the stolen BNP membership list with a message along the lines of "I hope nothing bad happens to anyone on this list". 

You can see him here:



This is reporter Brian Read who wrote in the Daily Mirror concerning the publication of the 2007 BNP membership list on the web:

I'm worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don't fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo-Nazis.

It would be truly awful if anything nasty happened to these nice people wouldn't it?

For those who wish to congratulate Brian on his Brit-bashing Mirror article, you may wish to do so at The Brian Reade Appreciation Group, which may be accessed via this Facebook page:

Or you may wish to contact him direct at: or
If anyone knows his Home Address and telephone number, please get in touch and we'll list it here.

Pictured on the right is the Daily Mirror journalist, Jason Beattie, who writes absurdly biased articles in that particular rag concerning British Nationalists in the UK.

More information needed please.

This is the knobhead on the BBC's 'White Season' programme who sees himself as the voice of the White Working Class and actually had the audacity to describe Nick Griffin as a 'knuckledragger'!

His site is
          E-mail -
Jon Charles Gaunt, Ridge Crest House, Maidford Road, Farthingstone, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8HE .

His house is priced at £685,000 – hardly a former council estate house price is it?

Yet another multiracialist 'hero of the working class' who doesn't know a thing about life in the real world!    

Check it out here

Ricki Dewsbury is a 22yr old student from Nottingham and studying journalism at the University of Central Lancashire and is the Deputy News Editor of the university newspaper Pluto and a member of the National Union of Journalists. He is proud, as he puts it, to expose “racism and homophobia” wherever it may be. BEWARE OF HIM; HE OFTEN GOES UNDERCOVER TO DO THIS. Going undercover seems to be a tactic he is particularly fond of. His articles have had some unpleasant consequences for the subjects. He is purely and simply a big red bully boy and someone who ultimately would like to do away with free speech. He is guilty of social engineering and curtailment of Nationalism. He is the type of person who sneers at Christianity and would not bat an eyelid at urinating on the Union Flag. Because of his contacts and position as a journalist he uses scare tactics to stop people talking about certain issues. Should they talk about these issues he will “expose” them in the press.

His telephone number is 07828609679.

Here is video footage of Ricki Dewsbury:

Here are some websites demonstrating his handy work and his myspace account.

Also here is the myspace link to someone who supplies Dewsbury with information and help with exposing any potential “racists or homophobes”: . Also this guy is an active millitant violent little red thug.

We can’t reiterate this point enough: Beware of Dewsbury, he goes undercover regularly and may show up at any of your meetings.

Pictures of these 2 deplorable creatures are available for your perusal of their respective myspace pages.

Info' required on these NUJ members:
Ian Slattery, Huddersfield Socialist Students President. NUJ
Christian Bunke, Joint Branch Secretary NUJ
Molly Cooper NUJ NEC
Keith Sellick, NUJ treasurer, RBI branch NUJ
Christine Thomas, Secretary of the Campaign Against Domestic Violence. NUJ
Ken Smith, Stop the War Coalition Steering Committee (personal capacity), London Magazine NUJ
Tim Harris, Barking Books Branch NUJ
Peter Taaffe, General Secretary Socialist Party NUJ
Luke Aylward, NUJ Lincoln and Peterborough Branch NUJ
Bill Mullins NUJ
Tony Saunois NUJ
Alison Hill NUJ
Keith Hassell NUJ
Roger Shrives NUJ


Star of the show is one Peter Lazenby (right) who goes out of his way to 'expose' Nationalists in the Yorkshire area. He works for the Yorkshire Evening Post, a hotbed of Marxist propagandists.  Investigations by Redwatch have uncovered that Lazenby is in direct contact with the illegal 635 Group who organise attacks on members of Nationalist parties in the Yorkshire area (see e-mails below). Lazenby supplies them with information so they can organise violent opposition to our legal activities. On the recent demonstrations outside Leeds Crown Court where John Tyndall, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett were appearing on dubious 'race' charges, Lazenby, whilst doing his job as a reporter for the YEP, stood with the Trotskyite SWP/UAF demonstrators as part of their demonstration. Other journalists stood separately from the demonstrators on both sides, presumably to show the 'impartiality of the Press'. Lazenby also writes articles for the Zionist lie sheet 'Searchlight' edited by the communist criminal Gerry Gable. Lazenby lives in the Hebden Bridge area and is president of Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

An E-mail from Lazenby to the 635 Group:

From: Peter Lazenby <>
To: "Harry Roberts" <>
Subject: BNP
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 10:06:02 -0000


The BNP leafleted parts of Headingley this weekend. There were five of them, four men and a woman, with one car.
Among the streets they covered were Headingley Mount and Ash Crescent. They were delivering the Headingley Patriot.
Their presence was a concern to a number of Asian people who live there, who now feel frightened and intimidated. I've spoken to one resident who contacted me about this, Sue Buckle. She's approaching a student house which has an anti-fa poster in the window, to organise a team to do a counter leaflet, maybe to re-assure local Asian residents. Would Unite want to be involved and put some material out?
Sue is on Leeds 0113 278 2296.


Below: Yorkshire Evening Post Peter Lazenby taking part in an Antifa/635 demo' in Leeds.

Lazenby was featured on the BBC's Inside Out programme moaning about Redwatch here

Another red reporter at the Yorkshire Evening Post is Richard Edwards, telephone 0113 2388503 or 07799417508 or his work number 0113 2432791 (ext 1503). He is one of a trio of YEP reporters that specialise in the subject  of 'Race'. The other two are Lazenby and Paul Robinson.

Below are a couple of interesting e-mails received via a disillusioned red formerly active with the 635 Group:

From: "Richard Edwards" <>
Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:22:40 -0000

Afternoon ladies and gents of the 635 group.
I am Richard Edwards from the Yorkshire Evening Post, you may remember me from brief contact we made last summer.
Read the posts about actions in Bramley with interest, just thought I'd get back in touch to re-open the lines of
communication and see if any of you fancy meeting me for a pint sometime. Purely to make contact at first then discuss
any possible future stories.
My colleague and National Union of Journalists comrade Pete Lazenby tells me he has been in touch and mentioned
the picket of the Nazi PO Box.
I can be contacted on this email, on 0113 2388503 or on 07799417508.
All the best.

(Yorkshire Evening Post)


From: "Richard Edwards" <>
To: "Harry Roberts" <>
Subject: protests
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:54:53 +0100

Hello at at 635,
Thought I'd drop you another message to see if you're interested in a chat before the Edinburgh protests take place.
It goes without saying the usual journalistic rules regarding sources would apply – i.e I'd do jail before giving any contacts away.
I'm available on 07799417508 or 0113 2432791 (ext 1503)
Otherwise try me after G8 has died down and hopefully we can arrange to meet for a general chat.
All the best,

Richard. (Yorkshire Evening Post)

Another red reporter working for the YEP is Paul Robinson (left).
Another winner of 'Reporter of the Year' (they all seem to win that award at some stage in their career!)

He specialises in the field of 'Race', winning another award (see below) with other members of the YEP team chosen to grovel to the ethnics and make the gullible public believe that multiculturalism works!

A biased article he wrote about Redwatch can be found here

Regional press awards – this story published 1.7.2005
YEP wins praise for its coverage of race issues
By HoldtheFrontPage staff

The Yorkshire Evening Post has won a national award in recognition of its positive coverage of race issues.
The title, edited by Neil Hodgkinson, won the local newspaper category of the Race in the Media Awards.
It beat competition from fellow nominee the Birmingham Post with a series of articles about issues such as immigration, the holocaust and campaigs against far right groups such as the BNP.
The team of reporters involved was Peter Lazenby, Paul Robinson, Richard Edwards and Education Reporter Ian Rosser, and YEP editor Neil Hodgkinson, who collected the award.
Said Neil: "I am very proud of my team for winning this award. They deserve great praise for their efforts on such an important subject. The award reflects a positive culture at the YEP in attempting to portray fairly and accurately the changing face of society.
"It is not a question of being politically correct. Political correctness can cause more problems than it solves. It is a question of stating the facts, telling the truth [!] and raising debate on issues that need to be discussed in the open rather than opinions being based on ill-informed information that breeds distrust and disharmony.
"Everyone should be involved in this debate in an attempt to promote harmony. The more people talk, the more progress will be made towards a peaceful, inclusive society." The award was one of 18 handed out during a ceremony at the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair, hosted by satirist Rory Bremner. The citation accompanying the award said: "The Yorkshire Evening Post won the RIMA category for local newspaper for its reporting on a wide range of issues that concern people from all communities, including immigration, the Holocaust, and campaigning against far right groups such as the BNP.
"Judges looked for material that has made a significant contribution to public appreciation and understanding of race relations, integration and diversity in the UK. This includes less visible ethnic minority communities such as gypsies and travellers, and people from Eastern Europe."

Bob Haywood receives his award for being 'Journo of the Year' from BT's head of newsroom, Peter Kinsella. Haywood is the former editor of the B'ham “Sunday Mercury” but now he is just a reporter. He has been carrying out a vicious campaign against Birmingham BNP recently.

Bob Haywood is a PR Executive for Advantage West Midlands.

For more information contact Advantage West Midlands PR Executive Bob Haywood on 0121 503 3228 07766 470 698


Above: Allan Caldwell, "Investigative Reporter"                                           Above: Douglas Wight, News of the World
Below: NUJ Reds on a recent Marxist demo' in London.

Below: This is Guy Anderson from the Sunderland Echo. He wrote an article about the NF in the area, putting a picture of the home of their PO Box address holder in the paper and named the estate it's on (and these people have the nerve to moan about Redwatch!) The article contained the usual lies and smears associated with the gutter press so Anderson looks set to go far in his chosen profession. In fact Anderson won the Journalist's National Certificate Examination's 'Eric Dobson Memorial Award' for the highest scoring candidate with a newspaper from Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham and Cleveland.


Below: This scumbag is known as 'Stalingrad' O'Neill and is a member of the SWP (funny, we thought these Trots denounced the former Soviet Union as ice-pick wielding state-capitalists? Not so in the case of good ol' 'Stalingrad'!).  His full name is Tom O'Neill and he's the Secretary/Treasurer of the Birmingham NUJ Branch. 
E-mail: and

Right: Jewish reporter David Modell who did the hatchet job on Mark Collett on the Channel 4be2 programme (4th November 2002):

He has a website –

His e-mail is

Last known details are:- 27 Groombridge Road, London E9 7DP.

Phone 020 8985 9936

Fax 020 8986 0664


Journalists and photographers awaiting a Leeds Nationalist appearing in Leeds Crown Court on dubious 'race-hate' charges. True to form, these representatatives of the kosher-controlled media gave our Nationalist comrade the usual treatment by publishing a full-page size photograph of him in their rags and extensive footage on the TV even though he had been accused of the most minor offence imaginable.

Above: In the centre is a reporter for the BBC's 'Look North' evening news programme. Flanking him are his two hired minders from a private security firm.

Above: Some media cameramen and their minders
Below: Another media hack

Expose fascists standing in local elections, says the NUJ
National of Union of Journalists' Guidelines on Race Reporting

The NUJ is asking journalists on local papers to be careful covering the British local elections on May 2 – particularly in areas where the British National Party is likely to pose a threat.

"Events in France have shown how dangerous it can be if racists and fascists are not challenged with rigorous journalism," said General Secretary Jeremy Dear. "All candidates must of course be reported, but when they are fascists or racists posing as reasonable people they should be exposed.

"Last summer there were riots in some towns and cities in the north of England where the BNP is standing now. Uncritical coverage in the local press, playing on the same fears and lies that stoke the fascist vote, has been cited as one of the main causes."

The union's Race Reporting Guidelines carry a section on Reporting Racist Organisations. These say:

"When interviewing representatives of racist organisations or reporting meetings or statements or claims, journalists should carefully check all reports for accuracy and seek rebutting or opposing comments. The anti-social nature of such views should be exposed.

"Do not sensationalise by reports, photographs, film or presentation the activities of racist organisations.

"Seek to publish or broadcast material exposing the myths and lies of racist organisations and their anti-social behaviour.

"Do not allow the letters column or phone-in programmes to be used to spread racial hatred in whatever guise."

Jeremy Dear said: "Many leading BNP activists have convictions for racially-motivated crime. They claim to be speaking up for local people living in poor and deprived areas, but their agenda is different – to stir up racial hatred and violence.

"Journalists should not allow the fascists to get away with it."

REDWATCH COMMENTARY: The major political parties have members, many of them elected representatives, who have convictions for paedophilia (see Party Political Nonces) so please tell us why their candidates aren't grilled over this fact? Why don't we see articles listing crimes committed by other members of, say, the Liberal Democrats who, by reading the list of Lib-Dem perverts on Party Political Nonces, seem to have infiltrated that party en masse? Imagine if the first person on the list, Labour's Salim Mulla, was a BNP councillor who had given a character reference for a paedophile. Do you think we'd have heard the last of it? No, every newspaper in Britain would have covered the story and it would have been brought up every time the BNP stood for election. These journalists are the first to condemn us for being 'un-democratic' but they openly admit their main aim in covering Nationalists is to give us adverse publicity and not allow us to address the electorate in the same way as the other parties. They'd love to ignore us but that would be more ammunition for us to use in our literature so they libel us at any opportunity they can, knowing we don't have the funds to do anything about it. They can't wait to denounce a Nationalist candidate for having a conviction for threatening behaviour at a soccer match when he was in his teens but there's an eery silence up when any non-Nationalist with convictions is standing.  They love to mention that a Nationalist candidate has a conviction for a 'race hate offence', but never mention that it was for writing an article showing the FACTS about Black and Asian crime in this country and he was prosecuted under the System's absurd 'Race Act'. Disproportionate levels of non-White crime are something they daren't report either because they're either Marxist multiracialists with a hidden agenda or they're scared of losing their jobs and the fat salaries that go with them!

Merryl Wyn Davies, a writer and anthropologist, is a former BBC journalist. She is the author of Knowing One Another: Shaping an Islamic Anthropology and Introducing Anthropology. Other books by her include:

Why Do People Hate America by Ziauddin Sardar, Merryl Wyn Davies (Paperback - March 2003)
Barbaric Others by Merryl Wyn Davies, et al (Paperback)
The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam by Merryl Wyn Davies, Zia Sardar (Forthcoming Paperback - November 2003) Darwin and Fundamentalism by Merryl Wyn Davies (Paperback)
Beyond Frontiers: Islam and Contemporary Needs by Merryl Wyn Davies, Adnan Khalil Pasha (Editor)
The Blinded Eye: 500 Years of Christopher Columbus by Claude Alvares, Merryl Wyn-Davies (Paperback)

Ever wondered how the enemies of free speech always seem to get their propaganda into the mainstrean media? But Britain's white nationalists can't?

This is the Jew DAVID SEYMOUR; the Jew GABLE's main link into Britain's mainstream media.

Jew SEYMOUR is political editor of the Daily Mirror.

He is also the Mirror's Readers' Editor, and edits Student Mirror, which is distributed at universities.

He is also a member of ANaL's new guise: Unite against Fascism.

So much for objective journalism....