Information received on reds from their own mouths
and a bit of detective work by Redwatch activists...




Tweets by @REDWATCH_UK



This red was spotted at the recent Golden Dawn demo outside the Greek Embassy on Saturday 29th November 2014, he can also be spotted at other Nationalist demonstrations across the country - he was recently in Rotherham where he tried to take a Nationalist's photo until the Nationalist grabbed hold of him and forced him to delete it.   More information needed.



These two red scumbags made a futile attempt to stop the National Front from laying wreaths on the Women's War Memorial in Whitehall, London on Remembrance Sunday, November 9th 2014.

We believe they could be involved with the later burning of two of the wreaths by Marxist Antifa scum.

More info' needed ASAP.


Reds pictured on a recent anti-White demo in London, 27th November 2014.

We believe some of those pictured are responsible for the burning of Remembrance Day wreaths placed on the Cenotaph in Whitehall after they were placed there in Remembrance of our war dead on November 9th 2014.

Any information will be gratefully received.

8 9
11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18
19 20
21 22


These were photographed in Luton protesting in support of Muslim grooming gangs. More info needed.


This is a member of Essex Antifa.

He is called M. Charles and he lives at:
38 Great Eastern Road,
CM14 5EH.

More info' needed ASAP.

Here are some more Antifa scum: More details needed:

This is Andy Carrington, formerly of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, but now believed to be living in Bradford. The address of his former crack den in Pontefract was 35 Eastfield Drive but more info' is need asap. Thanks.

MI5 opened a file on Nick Lowles

Nick Lowles has been leading the Anti-British movement for some time now but recently shocking evidence emerged linking Lowles to the 1993 Harrods bombing. The Sunday BaleNick Lowles Hope not hate investigates:

After joining the communist party of Great Britain in 1992, Nick Lowles wanted to make an impact and strike fear into the hearts of British people.  Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor who were convicted of the 1993 bombing of Harrods on behalf of the Red Action militant communist group managed to convince Nick Lowles into helping their cause, in late December of 1992; Lowles joined up with Red Action.

It’s alleged that Nick Lowles, Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor plotted to carry out the Harrods bombing at Lowles seedy london apartment, after preparing a package containing 1 lb of Semtex plastic explosive, the conspirators soon moved in to place it outside of Harrods in a bin, knowing that many would have been injured or killed.

The Explosion outside Harrods happened in January of 1993, both Hayes and Taylor planted it in the bin whilst Lowles kept watch on the other side of the street, no doubt he stood and watched as many were injured and chaos erupted in the busy London Street.

Shortly after the attack, Hayes and Taylor were arrested and sentenced to 30 year prison sentences whilst Lowles managed to evade police investigation and headed to the city of Leicester where he later founded Hope not Hate and took control of communist paper ‘Searchlight’.

The truth is that Hope not Hate is founded on good old grassroots terrorism, backed by nonce Tom O’Carroll and various other unsavoury characters.  Nick Lowles has been responsible for the death of many innocent people who decided to take their own lives after having a vicious hate campaign mounted against them by Hope not Hate. People have been murdered as a direct result of Lowles hate campaign waging and many people have lost their jobs.

So it comes to no shock that MI5 Had opened a file on Nick Lowles in the late 1990s with fear that he may launch another strike against British soil sometime in the 2000s. The Daily Bale believes that Nick Lowles is still in touch with his former terrorist comrades from the Red Action militant group.

Lowles currently lives in the city of Leicester with his wife Clare Hewitt who filed a report against Lowles in 2009 for assault and battery which resulted in the death of their unborn child; she later dropped all charges.

With regards to THE DAILY BALE

Sunday 4th August 2013 - MANCHESTER REDS updated

These reds were confronted by National Front supporters in Manchester, Saturday 3rd August 2013.

See more here
Saturday 27th July 2013 - SOUTH ENGLAND REDS updated

These reds were seen demonstrating against the EVF (English Volunteer Force) demo' against immigration outside outside Lunar House, Croydon on Saturday 27th July.
A nasty bunch these, they like threatening women from behind the safety of the police lines. More info' needed.

See more here


The Socialist Workers Party's leadership is under fire for setting up a "kangaroo court" to hear allegations of rape and sexual misconduct dating back to 2008 against the 'Comrade Delta' aka Martin 'The Beast' Smith. The allegations made at the party's disputes committee were dismissed by a panel of seven and never passed on to the police. Surely they are perverting the course of justice by holding this 'Sharia Court'?

Friday 26th July 2013 - SCOTTISH REDS updated

Friday 26th July 2013 - LIVERPOOL REDS updated

Friday 26th July 2013 - MANCHESTER REDS updated

Friday 26th July 2013 - LONDON REDS updated

Friday 26th July 2013 - NORTH EAST REDS updated

Monday 8th July 2013

'Gary Hastings' of the Marxist ‘EDLNEWS' site fame is in reality Alan Daniel Moon.

Alan Daniel Moon aka Hastings works for the Home Office and has done so for about three years. He has previously worked for BSkyB and did a long stint working for an (unknown) company in Moscow from 2004 to 2007.

He was born in Exeter and moved to London in the mid-nineties and still retains a heavy South West accent.

He went to Leeds University where he studied Russian language and history.

He regularly attends EDL demos under the guise of being an EDL member and reports straight back to the authorities.

Back in the day he used to run with AFA (Anti Fascist Action)

He lives on Lyme Street in Camden Town, London and drinks regularly in the World's End pub. He lives on Lyme Street with his partner Ella Curran and two dogs.  At the weekends he can be found at Camden Market giving out Antifa leaflets.

He boasts that he has had upwards of 40 patriots jailed and had claimed the jobs of many more though his contacts at the Home Office. In other words he is an Establishment snitch and should not be trusted by anyone.

His leftist ‘comrades’ should each be wondering: “When will his Home Office masters turn their attention to the left-wing and what will he tell the cops about me?”

His phone number is 0745-628-7834 in case he rings you asking about a demo’ you might be going on.

Saturday 6th July 2013 - Information received from our comrades at

Some of you will have heard of the Facebook group “Exposing Racism And Intolerance Online” but for those of you that haven’t here is a bit of a run down on them.

This group has for the past stalked members of patriotic groups all over the internet taking screenshots which have been passed onto groups like SLATEDL to use to get people sacked from jobs or in some cases have people arrested. They sit in their silly little group all day acting all high and mighty believing that only what they say is right and thrive off each other's warped senses of humour. They are very anti patriot and extremely pro muslim and have even in the past been known to defend the likes of Qatada saying he had the right to stay in this country. They really are a fucked up bunch.

Anyway down to business. In the picture above are members of the group, some we already knew who they were but some have done their upmost to keep their identities secret. In the picture are from left to right:

Gael Ferguson (Julie Blackadder)
Mikey Swales (Thought to be in Lancaster),
Janie Jones (Ellie Sweetman)
Ed Woods
Hugh Manitee

Let's see how they like being EXPOSED shall we?

Below: Here's Gary Hastings Editor of the Edl News website

Wednesday 26th June 2013 -

Information received: The above Jewish red (picture 1 on LONDON REDS - Reds demonstrating in London, Saturday 1st June 2013 and also in pictures 22 and 31 on the same section) is Chris Marks. He's the Branch Secretary of the Marxist run Civil Service 'Union' PCS that's based in Slough. He's always outside on the picket lines on their strike days with the other mongrel Job-centre staff during their constant strikes. He's a member of the Zionist and Marxist cult AWL and sells their paper in the town centre. His facebook is full of communist and anti-nationalist bile and there are pics of him smiling with his fucking skull-cap. He lives in Acton and his number on union leaflets is 07505514610.

We don't know the bloke he's with in pic 22 on London Reds, but a Redwatch correspondent unearthed this: It turns out this zionist student is in charge of the left-wing University of London Union and is a poppy-burning communist in the same group as Chris Marks. Email

Monday 17th June 2013 -
Say hello to Steven Michael Brooks. You will find this waster in EDL News (a lefty website supposedly 'exposing the EDL') but it's just the usual middle-class Marxist lying bullshit only posh kids from the UAF believe.

Mr Brooks thinks it's good to ask for patriot's addresses hoping to put their families in danger!

Well son, we've got your address, let's see how you like playing with fire you left-wing Labour prick!

Steven Michael Brooks
Labour party
6 Stadlers close

No phone number as yet.

Monday 17th June 2013 -
S - All updated.

Above: Sheffield Reds - See more here

Above: Oldham Reds - See more here

Above: North East Reds (Sunderland) Reds - See more here

Above: London Reds - See more here

Sunday 2nd June 2013 - SOUTH ENGLAND REDS updated
These weirdos demonstrated against the EDL in Colchester on June 1st 2013 call themselves 'Anti-Fascist Action', resurrecting the Searchlight-controlled middle-class poseurs from the 1980s. What happened to 'Antifa' then?
Their website is

More info' needed. Let's wipe the smiles off their faces.


This is Leeds red Bobby Birch. He is threatening elderly Nationalists and boasting of going to Manchester to disrupt a Lee Rigby memorial service.
More info' needed.

Friday 29th March 2013 - WELSH REDS updated

Below are images of red demonstrators opposing the recent White Pride demo' in Cardiff on March 9th 2013.
Any information about the individuals below is needed asap.


Thursday 24th January 2013

Maddie Brown lives just around the corner from Angel Tube Station.
NB - We have received proof that Brown is definitely Jewish. If she still denies this, the person who supplied this information will pay for her to take a DNA test.

Monday 7th January 2013
Below: Alan Derby, Antifa supporter. Thought to live in the West Mids/Shropshire area.

More info needed.
His facebook account is


Nationalists who were around during the 1980s and 1990s may remember one Thomas Mensforth, aka 'Mensi', from Sunderland and former frontman of the punk band 'The Angelic Upstarts' (see image, left).

As a youth, Mensforth was quite a racist and his very racist views on non-Whites were featured in a 1980s issue of The Young NF's 'Bulldog' magazine. That said, Mensforth sold his soul to the death cult of Marxism a long time ago, appearing in the 1990s BBC2 'Forty Minutes' programme where the "socialists" of the now defunct 'Anti-Fascist Action' were given a free programme to attack Racial Nationalism courtesy of the capitalist BBC (of course the capitalist BBC didn't allow the BNP a free forty minutes' airtime to answer the lies put out by Mensforth and the AFA).

We hadn't given Mensforth much thought over the last decade or so but it has been brought to our attention that he wishes to appear on this site but he claims we refused to give him any space. It seems Mensforth has been posting on the Still Laughing At The EDL page on Facebook telling the middle-class lefty keyboard warriors that frequent those pages that we won't put him on here. Not so, it seems 'Mensi' is telling porkies and he's never so much as sent us a single e-mail giving us his full details, thus guaranteeing him a place on our pages. Mensforth and his Marxist chums scoff at Redwatch, saying we don't scare them one bit. Really? Well send us all your names, addresses, telephone numbers, places of work, etc. and we will put them on here and as we're a joke, nothing will happen to you at all will it?

Anyway, we thought we'd have a nosey on and we took a few screenshots (reproduced below) of a thread featuring a debate between Mensforth and a White Nationalist. We're still waiting for Mensforth's answers to the last few comments by the Nationalist but it seems big mouth Mensi has lost his tongue!

Come on Mensi, we're always watching and waiting, we promise to publish your replies here (and all your personal details when you send us them).

Tuesday 30th October 2012 - NORTH EAST REDS updated
@Exposingdarcy - This is Darcy Jones (Expose group) - real name Helen Marie Brown (Aka Shirley). Works at Northallerton HM Prison, East Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL6 1NW.
Tel: 01609 785 100

This nasty piece of work has put many of our lives in danger by spreading lies about patriots to the police (wasting police time in the process, just to get noticed), while posting their addresses and photos online and distributing them to radical muzzies. Attention seeking and disturbed individual who should be in an asylum.

It is said she is a prison officer, and that she is also constantly smuggling things to Muzzie prisoners. Perhaps her bosses should investigate her dealings inside the prison?

Evelyn Cook. Evelyn is known on twitter as @nemesisrepublic
Shes linked to UAF, Antifa and Hope not Hate.
Shes an islamofascist, hates patriots and Britain. a total scumbag commie.
her last known phone number is 01434 344 270. Herfull address is (off the A69) Brookside, HEXHAM Northumberland NE47 7EG - this was found out as she herself posted her address on a few newspapers (shes a moany letter writer).
You can see her posting her address here: h AND

Her piss poor poetry is here: DO read, its a LOL!

Also, see her defending paedos: totally fucked up.

She has stalked/harassed this lady for years:

She's married to John W Cook. Her electoral roll number is supposed to be 2002,2009,2012. (can't confirm). Her last known IP was

Some screenshots here

As it's Evelyn's birthday today, we've decided to mark the occasion by putting her on REDWATCH. Happy Birthday Evelyn!

One of our Redwatch information gatherers was just browsing through the little "anti-fascist" echo chamber on Twitter, and he found some information about a couple of regulars who've been turning out at the recent protests against nationalists in the North East.

First off, a little creep called Jack Mcglen. He is the one wearing the leather jacket and the gormless grin in this photo, and he will be standing as a candidate for the Green Party in the 2014 EU election. His Facebook campaign page can be found here. He seems quite eager to surrender what is left of our national sovereignty to the Brussels scum (like the rest of the Greens), and apparently cares more about opposing "cuts" than saving our environment from the scourge of mutiracialism and mass-immigration.

Second, the bearded little Bangladeshi on the far left of this photograph is Tafazzal Hussain. He is the director of the Sunderland Bangladeshi Community Centre (here is a short video he made about it for the BBC, if you'd like to hear his lacklustre English speaking abilities). According to Sky News, one of the reasons the new mosque is being built in Millfield is because "some Pakistani Muslims [ ...] do not feel welcome in nearby Bangladeshi mosques". So, the Northern Patriotic Front are vilified as evil haters by the red scum and the newspapers, but the only reason this mosque is being built is because the Bangladeshi Muslims don't want the Pakistani Muslims mingling among them! And in spite of all this, lemmings continue to pretend that multiracialism is working fine, apart from a few "white racist troublemakers".

Finally, the ringleader of the so-called "Sunderland Anti-Fascist Coalition" appears to be a loony socialist called Gary Duncan. We are not sure what he looks like because the display pictures on his social networking sites do not show his face, but there is a ridiculous interview with him about the North East Infidels' anti-mosque demo here. He seems to think that Sunderland could soon turn into a scene from The Turner Diaries if the police don't start banning future demonstrations by nationalists, and acts as though every nationalist is dying to become an Anders Breivik copycat; typical left-wing sensationalism of the kind being used against Golden Dawn in Greece. It looks like he already has a fair share of haters, though, because the first result for "Gary Duncan Sunderland" on Google was a website called "NO to Gary Duncan". No surprises there.

Thursday 13th September 2012 - NORTH EAST REDS updated

We have received some valuable info' on our young hilarious friend from the RCG Michael Peters, always wearing his stupid USSR hammer and sickle shirts. Redwatch readers might find this photo amusing; not only does he support the old state-capitalist Soviet Union, but he is also happy to post photographs of himself wearing the national symbols of North Korea!

It's taken from his blog, which we found here:

We doubt the Koreans will want solidarity from an emaciated, posturing, "revolutionary" teenager, who is, in his own words, "bisexual". The far-left in Europe might be obsessed with sexual perversion, but most of the Asian communists still have zero tolerance for it. He would be sent straight to a concentration camp if he started behaving like that in the DPRK. Deluded.

Also, the freak standing behind the Revolutionary Communist Group's stall in the photograph below is called James Robert Bell:

He is a talentless "poet" and songwriter. This is his Facebook profile:

Another far-left retard. A quick run through his profile reveals that he likes T.S. Eliot and F.T. Marinetti. Does he not realise that Marinetti was a founding member of the Italian Fascist movement, and that his Futurist philosophy is based on the same principles as Mussolini's politics? Or that T.S. Eliot was aware of the Jewish Problem and gave public lectures on the topic? I'm sure he doesn't know any of that, and I doubt any of his anti-fascist friends do, either. All these people know about are their own over-inflated egos.

Thursday 6th September 2012 -

Labour Cllr Joy Garner grassed former BNP Cllr Michael Coleman to the police for the ludicrous "offence" of racial harassment. He wrote the truth on his blog!

Joy Garner, 57 Greenbank Road, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent ST6 7EX

Home 01782 768846      Mob 07986 442770     Email

Wednesday 5th September 2012 -

Tuesday 4th September 2012 -
LEEDS REDS updated

Martyn Cheney (Mr Buffalova on My Space) from Leeds is the Chairman of Bramley Buffaloes Rugby League Community Club, Payroll Manager at East Coast Mainline Company Ltd, Director at Supporters Direct.

In the past Cheney has been a HR Analyst at Great North Eastern Railway, Statto KC at Dewsbury Rams, Payroll at British Rail. He attended the University of Warwick & Warwick Business School and attended Benjamin Gott High School in his younger years. 

All of this is not good enough for the busy Martyn Cheney from Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12. He has recently lost a lost of weight after his fat caused grave health problems and hospitalizing him he's now decided to "diet" and lose some of that flab that has hindered his love life for the past 15 years causing him to not be able to "perform" for female partners, he proves his desperation on dating websites and myspace he lists his preferences as "not bothered".

Martyn is is a proud supporter of Hope not Hate, (an exposed communist regime) he is an active member on most social networking forums inc twitter, facebook and myspace of which he likes or follows and plays a part in their networking and bulling. Cheney is heavily involved in his Local Labour Party, Hope not hate events, Unison and the person he'd like to meet above all others, is none other than paedophile supporter Billy Bragg.

It is believed Cheney is a financier of Hope not Hate and other affiliated left wing groups in his local area of Leeds and Yorkshire along with a host of many lefist meetings and events.

Telephone number is: 07903 246337.

Katrina Lawrie - Selling the turgid reg rag Socialist Worker and peddling Marxist crap outside Bolton Town Hall at a lobby against the cuts. She doesn't even live in Bolton, she lives in Wigan - get a proper job! A bothersome trouble causer, agitator, regular at UAF demos and Union marches, she's always organising trouble in the area. She proudly calls herself a Revolutionary 'Socialist' and an Anti Fascist - deeply involved in SWP and UAF, but she's more like the fascist - she's anti British, pro immigration, pro benefit scrounger trouble causer. You would think a single mother of 6 kids would be better placed looking after her children rather than spending her life in meetings, selling useless Marxist clap trap papers and vainly attempting to organise grief for patriots!

Sunday 19th August 2012 -

Katrina Lawrie , Wigan SWP and UAF organiser. Why is she wearing a Class War T-shirt? We thought Trotskyism and anarchism didn't mix?

RCG papersellers, Newcastle, August 18th 2012

Reds in Norwich in July 2012.

Monday 13th August 2012 -
Red demonstrators opposing the National Front demonstration held in Millfield, Sunderland on Saturday 11th August 2012.

Above, centre: The one with the hammer and sickle T-shirt is called Michael Peters, from Silkworth, Sunderland.
Originally a pupil at Sunderland High School, he starts at Northumbria University next month.

Friday 10th August 2012

Saturday 24th July 2012

Saturday 21st July 2012

Images from the pro-IRA demonstration, Liverpool, July 21st 2012.

Monday 2nd July 2012

This is Bedford Antifa bitch Charlie Le Travers. See more at

Tuesday 12th June 2012

Monday 11th June 2012

Circled on this photograph listening to Nick Griffin speak in Blackpool yesterday is "former" Anti-Nazi League/AFA/SWP member Richard Brodowski (aka Brodoski/Brodowsky), originally from Bradford.  Brodowski was involved in violent attacks on Nationalists in Yorkshire during the 80s and 90s but now claims to have renounced his Marxist past. We at Redwatch are not so sure.

A raving homosexual, Brodowsky is now sniffing around Karen Downes, mum of murdered Blackpool schoolgirl Charlotte Downes and now appears as a friend of the Downes family.

These are his current details:
Landline: 01253 291 291
Mobile number: 07722880440
House address: 58 Exchange Street Blackpool FY1 2DZ

Monday 11th June 2012


Above: More of the terrifying Liverpool anarchists!

Tuesday 5th June 2012 -


Red scum photographed demonstrating against our traditional British way of life in Newcastle on Monday 4th June 2012. Most of these photographs were taken as the reds cowered behind police lines while they were being confronted by White Nationalists from the NF/Infidels and the EDL.

Wednesday 2nd May 2012 - Covert photographs from Bradford 'anarchist' festival added to BRADFORD REDS

Thursday 26th April 2012 -

Tuesday 24th April 2012 -  update made to SOUTHERN REDS
Red scum demonstrating against families holding a St George's Day parade in Brighton on
Sunday 22nd April 2012. These pieces of human shit threw bottles and bricks at the peaceful demonstration, a young girl of ten hit in the face with a bottle.


Monday 8th April 2012:
As reported on Redwatch a while back, Liverpool red and local child-abuser, Michelle Smith, is a real mouthy bitch who likes to hit kids. Well, we don't know whether it's jealousy because of all the publicity she gets on here or someone is just pissed off with her constant bullshit, but one of her former associates has sent us pics of her getting married which we happily reproduce here.

Before anyone thinks it's a bit much putting pics of someone getting married on Redwatch, even though they are a red, all we can say is these Marxist bastards don't think twice about putting photographs of Nationalists on the internet or wherever they think fit and we're just 'returning the serve'. At least we deleted or cropped pictures of any kids, those bastards don't bother when they get pics of ours.

More pics and information can be viewed at LIVERPOOL REDS

Below: More on Maev McDaid, Liverpool UAF.

INFORMATION RECEIVED: We are told the next Gtr Manchester UAF Meeting is on Tuesday 14th February at 6.30pm at the meeting-space in Subway cafe on Peter Street (just around the corner from Central Ref Library). Ring 07903 586 191 and let 'em know you'll be popping in for a bagel and a pot of herbal tea!
Below: One of the organisers of the pro-paedophile demo' on the 6th February, besides Maev McDaid, is Bob Sutton.

His email address is:
His mobile number is: 07843945005
Political affiliation:

Above left: This one calls himself Bo McBain. His Facebook account is!/chrissignition?sk=photos
He looks a lot like the bloke on the right demonstrating in support of the paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court pictured on the left. There can't be that many red mohawks wandering the streets of Liverpool so we're sure it's him.

Above: The bloke on the left, one 'Melvyn Goo' looks a lot like the guy with the beard on the right who is also pictured at #43 onwards on the 6th Feb pics below.
We're not 100% sure about this but Melvyn is a member of the UAF Liverpool group on facebook so it's a strong possibility.!/

Below: Louise Baldock, Liverpool Labour councillor, supporter of the paedo's up at Liverpool Crown Court on the 6th Feb.

She Tweeted: "Calling all UAF supporters to be at Liverpool Crown Court for next few weeks/months to fight off EDL presence outside controversial case. RT"

Her facebook is!/profile.php?id=675903898

Her blog is:

Above:  Andrew Carrington, 35 Eastfield Drive, Pontefract WF8 2EZ - UAF member.


Above: This is the lass who helped organise the UAF demo' in Liverpool on 06/02/12 in support of paedophiles. Her name is Maev McDaid, she is at Liverpool University and in the Liverpool guild of students.

She was mentioned on a news article urging people to go.

Here is her facebook page:!/maevmcdaid

6th February 2012 - Reds in Liverpool campaigning in support of paedophiles.  See LIVERPOOL REDS

New Anti Zionist league website -

Tuesday 24th January 2012:
Manchester reds are organising days of action against the BNP this Sat 28th And Sun 29th January 2012 to coincide with 'Holohoax Brainwashing Day'.

There will be a UAF stall on Market St in city-centre, from 2pm on Saturday 28th and the reds will be leafletting door-to-door as well. They are meeting at 12 midday at the junction of A62 Oldham Road and Dean Lane (near Dean Ln station), Newton Heath, M40.

There contact number is 07903 586 191 - ask for Mike.

Greater Manchester UAF meets 6.30pm on the second Tues of the month in the meeting-space in Subway on Peter St (near Manchester Central Reference Library).

Monday 19th December 2011:
Information added to:

It's amazing what you find in reds' dustbins. We thought we'd have a look in Andy Ali's on Friday night and look what we found:

Well, not really, it's just some dork on Twitter who is offering a £250 [These people are talking BIG money here] reward for bringing this site down. Well, Redwatch has only been down once in the last decade and that was only for a couple of days because the host got sent down so I don't think the reward will be claimed. We have a wide range of sites up and running that are ready to become Redwatch ones within minutes of anything happening which is highly unlikely.

Nice try boys.   See!/AntiRedwatch



Manc Anti-Fascist Alliance call it a day. They claim because "Our original aims to combat fascism ideologically and physically has been made redundant by: a split and divided English Defence League and a retreating British National Party".

Bullshit. The only reason they've packed in is because they had little or no support from ordinary Mancunians.

No doubt we'll see the same old faces on other red demo's across Lancs, next time it'll be climate change or some other bandwagon the left have jumped on.

Manchester Anti-Fascist Alliance: Closing Statement

After much discussion, Manchester Anti-Fascist Alliance is to be closed down as an organisation. This is not because, as individuals, we believe that fascism is not a threat to the working class of Greater Manchester. It is because we believe that, after around two and a half years, the exiting MAFA structure and focus is unable to carry on organising and politicising working class people in Greater Manchester. Our original aims to combat fascism ideologically and physically has been made redundant by: a split and divided English Defence League and a retreating British National Party. The tactics to combat fascism and continue politicising working class people must change.

We are proud of our achievements. We are proud that we brought together dozens of anti-fascists of different political backgrounds. We are proud that we stemmed the rise of the BNP in Salford to the extent that they were scared to have stalls in certain areas. We are proud that we brought to the attention of working class people in Greater Manchester that the BNP does not represent working class interests. We are proud that the EDL never managed to gain a foothold in Salford and south Manchester. We are proud of all our achievements.

The political scene has changed dramatically since the summer of 2009 particularly since the riots in August. Electorally the BNP were achieving impressive results now they are split, financially crippled and have had their electoral bases smashed. The EDL initially having large numbers on their demonstrations have had their numbers dwindle; the split of the more hard-core racists, the Infidels, have been proved wanting when their first demonstration drew mere dozens. Now the EDL have signed up with an obscure and political nobody: the British Freedom Party; prompting more division. Just as the political environment changes so must those trying to defend, organise and politicise the working class. The changes in the situation regarding the far-right, the post-riot changes in policing and civil justice and the assault on the working class from the Tory-Lib Dem government requires we change too. Individuals associated with MAFA will, separately, continue to defend, organise and politicise the working class in new and existing organisations.

No Retreat

Fat Lad

Manchester Anti Fascist Alliance (MAFA) | December 12, 2011 at 10:50 pm 

Wednesday 7th December 2011:
Information added to:

UNBELIEVABLE NEWS FROM Police were last night trying to stop Facebook vigilantes causing civil unrest
after a one-month-old baby boy was raped and battered so badly that his heart stopped.

Messages on the social networking site revealed plans for a vigil near the home of the infant, who is thought to have suffered one of Britain’s worst cases of child abuse.

The baby’s horrific injuries were said to have included a broken arm, a broken collarbone, punctured lungs and severe bruising. It was said all of his ribs were fractured.

There was reportedly also a sexual injury and internal wounds, suggesting rape.

A man and a woman, from Gravesend, Kent, were arrested in connection with the incident. They have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

One Facebook group called ‘Jail the scum who raped and beat a one-month-old baby in Gravesend’ contained several messages calling for the parents to be named over
the alleged abuse.

One post read: ‘These people need to be locked up not given bail. They are scum.’ One local woman said: ‘We feel disgusted about this and we want to express our
 support for the child. The plan is to hold a vigil this evening.’

The unnamed baby was in a critical condition when taken to a hospital near his home on Thursday, but last night he was ‘showing signs of improvement’ after being
 transferred to a London hospital. Police forensic experts have examined a house in Gravesend.

Neighbours said a man and a woman lived at the address with a newborn baby.

They were described as ‘nice people, normal and polite’.

Another neighbour said she heard ‘a loud commotion’ at the house on Thursday morning.



Nathan and Katherine Rawlings, 48 Valley Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5RS.
With regards to:

Tuesday 29th November -
Information received:
UAF at tomorrow's N30 Strikes
Reds claim that British Nationalists are a real threat to trade unionists (how many Trade Unions were there in your Soviet paradise then?).
They have a special leaflet for use at the N30 strikes tomorrow, and they will be talking to strikers at the TUC's midday rally in Whitworth Park (Oxford Rd, M15, opposite Mcr Royal Infirmary) about getting involved in Unite Against Fascism's campaigns to stop the English Defence League and to Get Nick Griffin Out of the European Parliament.

The UAF's stall on Wed 30th starts 12 midday at the steps/entrance to the Whitworth Art Gallery (next to Manchester Royal Infirmary). They will also be leafletting at the start of the TUC march, 11am in front of Museum Of Science And Industry on Liverpool Rd (next to very-tall Hilton Hotel).

Redwatch observers will be monitoring these people as they are a grave threat to freedom of speech. Contact fellow Nationalists and tell them to get down the the Whitworth Gallery for 11am tomorrow!

Sunday 6th November -
Information received:
UAF At Eid On Curry Mile, Monday 7th November
Curry Mile in Rusholme will be rammed today (Sunday) and tomorrow for the Muslim festival of Eid. On Monday (7th) evening from 6pm, Unite Against Fascism will be leafletting and inviting people to come to the NWUAF Conference and launch of the Griffin Must Go! campaign (that's next Sun, 13th, 10am, St Thomas Centre M12 6FZ). They are meeting at Jaffa restaurant, on the corner of Wilmslow Rd and Park Crescent in Rusholme, at 6pm.

This group can be contacted at 07817 688 835. Speakers will include Arlene McCarthy MEP, Leona Vaughan of the Anthony Walker Foundation, National Union of Teachers (NUT), Weyman Bennett of UAF.

If you'd like to seak to the UAF organiser for the area, give Mike a ring on 07903 586 191.

Additions made to WEST MIDS REDS

The picture below is of Katie Furlong, another Telford Antifa with Billy Bragg!

Katie Furlong

Below is Doug Gunter, another Telford Antifa wretch.

Doug Gunter

Below: A woman holding a sign against the BNP and Doug Gunter's comment underneath.

Below: The guy in the green shirt with Dreadlocks (alongside Jake Forrest) is another Telford Antifa moron.

In Facebook he goes by the name of Thef Ridge (we believe his real name is Ian Tranter).


Below is Nate Spencer, also of Telford Antifa.

Friday 4th November - Updates made to:

Sunday 30th October:


Saturday 29th October
Below: We had this screenshot sent to us. This Ulster 'Flickr' user seems to think we'd use his personal photographs on this site. Now why would we, avowed defenders of copyright legislation and personal privacy, wish to do that?

See more on

Wednesday 19th October
The Labour Party in Salford are asking people in wanting a lift to the polling stations in Eccles to vote in the by-election tomorrow to ring 07926 691 181 to book a place.

Maybe some Redwatch readers would like to book a place?

We have received information about the Real IRA's annual dinner which is being held in a hotel in Scotland.
Cairde na hEireann, RIRA's fundraisers in Scotland are having their annual dinner on November 5th at the Central Hotel, Glasgow. Telephone the hotel on 0141 240 3700.
Glasgow Irish Band, Shebeen, RSF speakers inc. Glaswegian born Pearse Doherty and Martina Anderson, Brighton bomber
Please telephone the proprieters and vent your disgust and get this event cancelled. They plan to raise funds to attack our people.

'Defending Multiculturalism' - Booklaunch
Northwest UAF 'Griffin Must Go' Conference, is to be held on Sunday 13th November
The new book 'Defending Multiculturalism' is an important new weapon in the fight against racism today. Edited by Has Mahamdalie, the book is a collection of essays by activists and campaigners, both long-standing and newer, that effectively challenges those who threaten our multicultural society. This threat that seeks to divide us on grounds of 'culture', ethnicity and skin clour comes from racist-fascist gangs like the English Defence League, but is also heavily promoted by mainstream politicians like Prime Minister David Cameron - Cameron has joined other European leaders like Germany's Angela Merkel in pronouncing, without a shred of evidence, that 'the multicultural society has failed'.
Come and hear the book's editor Has Mahamdalie speak at the public booklaunch meeting next Tuesday, 25th October, 7pm in the Main Hall, Friends Meeting House, Mount Street (behind Central Reference Library).
On Sunday, 13th November, the Northwest UAF Regional Conference will formally launch the Griffin Must Go campaign to get BNP Nazi leader Nick Griffin out of the European Parliament. Speakers include Arlene McCarthy MEP, Leona Vaughn from the Anthony Walker Foundation, National Union of Teachers, and there'll be sessions on organising to deepen the camapaign against the racists and fascists. The Conference is at the St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester M12 6FZ, 10am to 4.30pm.

Wednesday 12th October
We received this letter (below) at one of contact addresses and thought we'd reproduce it here. Obviously, being a democratic, non-political website that embraces all colours and creeds (and also because of the anti-free speech Zionists and their racist Race Laws), we can't condone some of the sender's more politically incorrect comments and we've had to edit it a bit but the information contained is most welcome.

This is a band called 'Deficit' from the West Midlands, Stourbridge we think. One of the members is called Tom Hickens. Email - info' needed.
More images at

Sunday 2nd October 2011 - Updates made to:

Saturday 1st October 2011 - Updates made to:

Michelle Smith, head of Liverpool UAF, hitting a minor!

Michelle Smith
Private telephone number - 07908202006
Work telephone number - ‎0778526529
She lives in the Garston area

Friday 23rd September 2011 - Updates made to:

Saturday 17th September 2011:

Comments sent to a Nationalist candidate's telephone with the caller's number for anyone wishing to call them back:

From: 07973723306 - Comment: YOU'RE A CUNT. I HATE YOU. I WISH DEATH UPON YOU

From: 07854131867 - Comment: WHITE PRICK

From: 07500048933 - Comment: YOU SIR, ARE A PRICK



From: 07817225017 - Comment: YOU'RE A SHIT

From: 07534794501 - Comment: DO YOU WANT A FIGHT?


Below: These red scumbags turned up at the BNP's table top in Cradley Heath, the Black Country, with their anti British slogans and threats but to the surprise of the red scum, the public were on the BNP's side. So who’s streets? OURS, THAT’S WHO’S!

This photo's below were taken from the BNP Truth Truck - Duke was riding half mile in front of his wife, it's possible they don't get on she as didn't look too impressed with him. He saw the Truth Truck, got on his phone as they always do... He rode across, the BNP turned the truck around, he did a wanker sign at them, lost control of his bike and fell off it! People were coming out of pubs and their homes to cheer the truck as it drove by, much to Gary's

Thursday 15th September 2011 - Updates made to:


Anthony Richardson (above) is the creator of the UAF-supporting video that was making fun out of the EDL girl being beaten by a gang of Muslim extremists.
Richardson lives at:
?? Hatherley Road

M20 4RN
We don't have the street number of the address as yet but we will find it, have no doubt about that.

Many thanks to the Redwatch researcher EF1 for the info' on both Richardson and Halligan (below).

It seems that the above Hatherley Road, Manchester address is where Richardson lives out of term time at university. We are informed that Richardson is living in London whilst at University but have no idea of the exact address. If you saw his FB account before he set it to private, one of the pictures he uploaded to his FB account was this one (click to enlarge):

The image description said along the lines of "Oh my god, this is happening outside our house" (or flat).  That flat is on Whitechapel Road, Tower Hamlets. It's a student flat complex. We've created this video to give people an idea of where it is:

From the image taken from his FaceBook wall, it looks like Richardson is getting worried about his little video:

And also on

A Message From Anthony Richardson

Posted on by Max Farquar

A short while ago I received an email from Anthony Richardson, asking me to publish his full and frank apology. This I have agreed to do in good faith. So here it is, in full :

Dear Max,

Please print this in full on your blog.

I am writing to you as Anthony Richardson, featured in the ‘UAF Celebrate Violence Against Women in Tower Hamlets‘ video.

I am writing first to apologise about the conduct in the video, and second to tell you that neither Ben Melchiors or Ben Tonge, who have both been misidentified as being the cameraman, played any part at all in it.

The video was recorded in the heat of the moment in the midst of a very volatile situation. We were bystanders and had not been actively involved in either side of the protest. I can categorically state that I am not part of any political party or particular leaning, nor do I condone violence against anyone, particularly women. I said those comments without thinking, and they were part of an extremely badly judged, terribly thought-through reaction to the unusual events of that day. In fact, I was ashamed of what I said as soon as I said it. We know we come across as complete idiots and never did it cross our minds that we would cause so much offence. My comments were completely against my nature and we are truly sorry that we got involved in a situation that we did not understand.

I am also writing this to ask people to stop pursuing Ben Melchiors and Ben Tonge. As I said, they were in no way involved in this. The Ben on the video I do not work with, he is simply an acquaintance of mine. I can assure you he echoes my feelings about the whole matter and has been involved in the writing of this apology.

So, while I realise I can’t take any of this back, I would like to ask you to take this apology for what it is: completely sincere and written with the intention undoing as many of the problems the video has caused as possible. Our comments on the video were out of character and we’re ashamed of them. I certainly do not condone violence against women, or men for that matter and hope that any political differences expressed by anyone in any circumstance in the future never lead to violence, as seen on that day, it doesn’t help anything. I badly misjudged the situation this time round and am sorry.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Richardson

The four reds listed below were responsible for smashing the Salford BNP organiser's windows a while back.

Joseph Chambers (above)

Chyntol Kanhimbe (above, left)

George Maylon (above)

Thomas Reed-Goodehall

Redwatch researcher EF1 has uncovered that all these people below live at the same address in Salford, probably a student complex:

Chyntol Kanhimbe (35+ Years old), Sophie Cheetham, Louise Harris, Thomas Reed-Goodenhall, Isabelle Forrest, Laynei Notman, George Malyon, Damian Healy, Kate Daley, Joseph Chambers, Avril Mckinley, Matthew Kline.

No actual address is available as yet but we are working on that with local Redwatch investigators now on the case.

Journalist Alex "Al Boy" Halligan (above):

(YouTube - user/SalfordSU <- Full of RED SCUM)

Name, Address:

Alex Halligan
Flat 14f,
Bramall Court
Canon Street
M3 6WB

Monday 12th September 2011 - Updates made to:




Another Anti-Redwatch supporters' group on facebook:

The group is run by
More info on this one to follow.

Hey Facebook, do you know that Redwatch are stealing your pictures?

Another Anti-Redwatch supporters' group on facebook:

The group is run by
More info on this one to follow.

Hey Facebook, do you know that Redwatch are stealing your pictures?


The less-than-friendly folk at Redwatch have been using pictures and comment found on Facebook (which Facebook own) to "identify" people they consider to be communists.

People that have been identified in this way have been targeted with violence, and one has even been stabbed.

We need Facebook to help us stamp this canker out and save people from needless persecution.

This Facebook group only has 17 members and this is what the wall / comments say:

Sunday 11th September 2011 - Updates made to:

Above info' reprinted with regards to:

Below is shown a youtube video of reds bragging about how a woman from the EDL was beaten by a gang of Muslims. Listen to the very start of the video, the guy holding the camera says "Err.. welcome to err.. Ben and Anthony's anti fascists something of the day"
They seemed to show great pleasure in describing how this defenceless comrade was treated by these Muslims. Well Redwatch has the pleasure of giving more information about these scumbags.

The anonymous Redwatch supporter and information gatherer who supplied us with these cowardly bastards' details has been a great help to this website and we thank him for all the hard work he does for this site by exposing red filth so they can face justice.

Anthony Richardson is the one featured in the video laughing about his Muslim bumchums attacking this defenceless woman.


Anthony Richardson (above) is a writer and stand up comedian. He's from Manchester originally according to information received. He's performed on stage and on TV throughout the UK, Australia and South Africa. His fiction has been published in various magazines, and recently I was shortlisted for the Franco British Council Short Story Prize. The BBC said he has ‘Good Jokes, and a pretty face.’ They’ve also said that he is ‘Hilarious,’ that he is ‘Consistently funny’ and ‘Woefully Inconsistent’ (at different points in his career). The joke will be on you when the time comes, that's a promise!

See him here as well as the video concerning the EDL girl:

Some more pics of Richardson and some of his mates:


UAF scumbags boast of attacking a woman:

Some more reds from the UAF demo' in London, Saturday 3rd September 2011:

More scum from this demo' can be viewed on

Op-Ed: Gerry Gable is honoured by the University of Northampton

By Alexander Baron.

          Gerry Gable
Northampton- The publisher of ‘Searchlight’ anti-fascist magazine has received an honorary doctorate from a British university; his achievements include marrying a former Nazi, criminal libel on an asylum seeker, and solving a murder that never happened.

The August issue of Searchlight, a magazine that styles itself “against fascism and racism” reveals that its publisher Gerry Gable has recently received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Northampton. According to the article, which is credited to Sonia Gable, this is in recognition of his “defence of liberal society against the scourges of racism and fascism”.

The article also reveals that the Searchlight Organisation has published a major new work Lone wolves: myth or reality? The pamphlet has its own website, and can be downloaded in Portable Document Format totally free of charge, with one very minor qualification: caveat emptor.

Who is Gerry Gable? Those who know anything about extremists in Britain and those who monitor them will know the answer to that question, but he was described concisely by Andrew Billen in the November 17, 1996 edition of the Observer newspaper as “a conspiracy theorist who could spot Nazi architecture in a kindergarten sandpit”. His magazine is also alluded to as Gable’s Fables, and sometimes by an even less flattering name. All will be revealed shortly with irrefutable documentation.

Mr Gable’s obsession with Nazis is so great that he married one, the former Sonia Hochfelder, his fourth wife and the author of the aforementioned article in the August issue of his magazine. Another “former Nazi” associate of his is the man who alludes to him as “my mate, Gerry”.

 Yet another former member of a “Nazi” organisation is the magazine’s current editor, Nick Lowles; Mr Lowles made that admission in the January 1999 issue of Searchlight when he was a current member (and may still be one) of the BNP.

We will not mention here Searchlight’s first “mole” (read agent provocateur) Dave Roberts, convicted murderer Charles Hanson, self-confessed thief Tim Hepple, or fantasist Matthew Collins; we shall though review briefly the others.

During her student days, Sonia Hochfelder was extremely active in far right politics, but later had a total change of heart; this is nothing unusual or shameful of course; Whittaker Chambers and many others of lesser infamy have performed such an about face, but while Communist turned Roman Catholic Chambers, and Black Panther turned cook book author and ice cream rep Bobby Seal, never made any attempt to deny their antecedents, the future Mrs Gable and her husband did, concocting an elaborate but nebulous tale of her undercover work deep inside illegal far right organisations as the reason this former Nazi is now an “anti-fascist” and magistrate.

To his credit, Nick Lowles has never attempted to weave such a duplicitous weft about his personal life; as well as Editor of Searchlight, Mr Lowles is the author of Mr Evil, a biography of the psychopath and murderer David Copeland. This book is well worth reading, unlike some of the ravings Mr Gable’s magazine has published over the years.

Ray Hill joined the British Movement as a young man in Leicester, and was soon in trouble with the law, assaulting a café owner – who just happened to be Jewish – and then a photographer before departing hastily for South Africa with his wife and young family. A decade later he returned after jumping bail and leaving the country on a false passport, although fortunately for him, there was no attempt made at extradition. This time it wasn’t violence but credit card fraud that led to his hasty departure. There can’t be that many people who can boast of having fled two Continents with the police in hot pursuit; Dr Mengele perhaps, or as the man from SongFacts calls him, the Running Man.

While he was in South Africa and for some time after, Mr Hill had a nice little sideline in anti-Semitic rhetoric, but in Britain he showed actions speak louder than words. In the March 25, 1984 edition of the late and unlamented News of the World, Mr Hill boasted : “It all started as a bit of a game - the odd night out attacking a few Pakis. I even desecrated a synagogue.”

This was after he “came out” as a “mole” read agent provocateur who had offered his services to Mr Gable on his return to the UK. Although he claims now to have regretted his hatemongering, he does not appear to have gone the whole hog and given the police any details about these violent acts or this act of criminal damage.

In February 2000, Mr Hill appeared at the High Court along with his mate Gerry where the two of them and the holding company Searchlight Magazine Limited defended – and lost – a libel action brought by Derbyshire accountant and former serviceman Morris Riley. [A scan of the order on judgment can be found here and here]. Mr Gable did not mention this at the time, but in September 2001, after Mr Riley’s premature death, he wrote in his magazine:

"Strangely, Jones seems to think that Searchlight paid out £9,000 to somebody over a libel action. That's news to me, but I am only the publisher. Perhaps he is getting confused over a case brought by a character called Morris Riley, which ended up with him several thousand pounds worse off and dropping dead from a heart attack a few months later."

This is reminiscent of the man who boasted to a friend that he had finished runner up in a boxing match.

Let us now turn our attention to Mr Gable’s free pamphlet about lone wolves. It mentions here David Copeland, and points out that Mr Gable contributed to a Panorama programme on the case, which is true. Panorama has put out some excellent programmes including a recent one on the great PPI rip off; not so excellent was the one that he “researched”. According to the Radio Times, Maggie's Militant Tendency, was screened by BBC Television at 8.10pm on January 30, 1984. The BBC ended up shelling out damages and costs estimated at a quarter of a million pounds.

Mr Gable does not appear to have slipped up in his commentary for BBC Television re David Copeland, but in December 2009, when he and Sonia were interviewed by John Gulliver of the Camden New Journal, he told a whopper; it was his “intelligence” if not Mr Gable himself that had brought Copeland to justice, rather than a workmate of the terrorist who had identified him from CCTV during a police appeal. There is no mention of this in either the Nick Lowles biography Mr Evil nor Lone wolves: myth or reality? but in the latter, Mr Gable has repeated his biggest and most persistent lie, one that he can’t stop repeating, except, curiously, to the police.

In the 1960s, before he authored the libellous Gable Memorandum but after his conviction for burglary artifice at the home of (then respectable) historian David Irving, Mr Gable claims to have brought to justice a gang (actually two gangs) of synagogue arsonists. In the version related here, he has watered down the lie somewhat, so that “One attack on a theological college in Stamford Hill left one student dead and another with serious spinal injuries...The theological college attack was never investigated by the police but the killer was unofficially identified as an NSM activist”.

Bah, humbug! In October 1987, Mr Gable told the Jewish Chronicle that he personally had brought the arsonists to book, in his own words: "I stood in the burnt-out shell of that yeshiva at four in the morning and made a private vow to get the people who'd done that".

As recently as 2008, Mr Gable instructed his solicitors that this was indeed the case, after threats from the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan to sue him for defamation. By that time, Mr Jordan was both very old and not in the best of health, and he died in April the following year, whereupon the Guardian commissioned Mr Gable to write his obituary, in which he repeated this same grotesque lie which was rubber stamped by the Guardian until it was forced by the Press Complaints Commission to publish a retraction.

Later in the year, Mr Gable was forced to admit to a senior New Scotland Yard detective that he knew nothing about this (accidental) fire, which contrary to his facile assertions was of course investigated thoroughly at the time, a fact that was confirmed by the local MP. For the record, the person who “inspired” the other fires – in which no one was killed – was Jordan’s fanatically anti-Jewish ex-wife (without his knowledge). The maiden name of Françoise Jordan was Dior; she was the niece of the famous designer; it is this which probably accounts for the sensitivity of the House of Dior to the drunken rant of John Galliano which came to light earlier this year.

One final example should be given of Mr Gable’s technique from his new publication. He alludes herein to Roberto Fiore as “a convicted Italian terrorist”, just prior to which he hints that a Mr John Gaster died “in mysterious circumstances in 1998”. Elsewhere, he has been less guarded in his statements, and has in fact accused Mr Fiore of murdering both John Gaster and another elderly “right winger”. This begs the question, if Mr Fiore is such a dangerous terrorist and a double murderer, why did he serve as a Member of Parliament in his native Italy from May 2008 till June 2009, and why is he still active in politics?

Mr Gable’s report makes a number of recommendations; it goes without saying that on the evidence presented here, anything he recommends, indeed anything he says, should be taken with a grain of salt, or maybe a boulder, a fact that, sadly, no one at the University of Northampton seems to have realised.

Read more:

Saturday 3rd September 2011

We don't get many of these on Redwatch, a former 'Nationalist' who has gone over to the 'Dark Side', but here's one we discovered recently:

His name is Shane and lives in Devon. He's now a friend and ally of chavrecycling (below) and he's going around the YouTube loyals posting the usual Marxist hate. A RW contact who supplied most of the information regarding chavrecycling is now under textual attack by this newly converted RED, claiming to be hard, and inviting EDL, BNP or any other patriots to his door. OK, if that's what he wants....

Here he is:

This is a copy of part of the message that our contact sent us:

"Yeah he's in Devon....He was known as RealEnglishDefender, a BNP supporter until Chav manipulated the cunt into siding with him."

Friday 2nd September 2011 - Updates made to:

Local British Nationalists attempt to attend Doncaster UAF meeting last night (Thursday 1st Sept) but are refused entry. It seems the Trots don't like anyone daring to expose their lies:

Above Ted Rosenfelds is believed to be the main man behind Doncaster UAF. Below is a close-up. More info' urgently needed on this person.

31st August 2011 -
The UAF are holding a meeting tomorrow night at the Women's Centre in Doncaster at 7pm. They have distributed a leaflet that is illegal, it also shows photographs of BNP members who attended the recent St George's day event in Rotherham. This meeting needs stopping at once.


Platform 51
Womens Centre
21 Cleveland Street
South Yorkshire DN1 3EH
Telephone 01302 309800

28th August 2011 - updates to:

Can you put out a call for information on Chavrecycling?

What we know for certain is that he was born in Manchester, emigrated as a kid to Australia in the late fifties to early sixties. He worked here - for four years between 2003 and 2007, where-by he got on a plane and headed for London, where he has said many times that he inhabits the South east London area near to Crystal Palace.....He's around about fifty years of age, has strong links to Nick Lowles and Hope Not Hate/Searchlight, and has just been implicated in uploading Roberta Moore of the Jewish Defence League's full address onto Facebook with the help of the UAF's Felicity Cumming and Andrew Gatward.

Of course we've also got his voice on many a YouTube video....Such as here -

And he's starting to get cocky, saying that thick right wing neo Nazis are too stupid to find him.....I'm looking to crank it up on the vile Trot bastard.

We at REDWATCH don't like this 'Chavrecycling' person at all. He obviously needs sectioning under the Mental Health Act for his own good so any info' on him would be gratefully received.

19th August 2011
SWP Public meeting.... Oppose state repression of youth

Sunday 21st August at 4PM
Friends Meeting House - Behind Manchester Central Library
6 Mount Street
M2 5NS

Contact 0754 202 1828

Rumours are Nationalists are planning to attend and disrupt this meeting of the SCUM!!!!

18th August 2011

13th August 2011
Below: This one is from Saturday 13th August 2011. Seen in Eccles Town Centre, at a BNP paper sale, jibbering something to herself, something to do with racists then she ran off and got on the phone chirping on: "BNP are in centre, it's out of order..... one of them is holding a big union flag, we need to deal with it." Just who she was talking to is still unclear, prob herself knowing the lefty red freaks....... She did leave after about 30 mins saying, "I am part of the human race, not the master race."

Well, we're sure your not, you scum, and we are happy to say we are glad we wasted your time and upset your day.

Urgent: More info' is needed on this bitch, a possible UAF Spotter.

9th August 2011

Greater Manchester UAF are organising coaches to take people to Tower Hamlets in east London to protest against the EDL on Saturday 3rd September. The first Manchester coach is now half full - please contact Mike 07903 586 191 to book your ticket or to make a donation towards the cost of the coach (£25 Waged/ £15 Unwaged). We hear members of the EDL have already booked tickets on the UAF coaches as they are cheaper than the National Express. I'll bet that's a fun trip for the EDL lads and lasses.

UAF meeting in Manchester-Tues 9th, 7pm

The next open meeting of GMUAF is tonight, Tuesday, 9th August, 7pm at the RAPAR offices, side entrance of Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester (opposite rear of Central Ref Library). They are discussing the Tower Hamlets demo' and how keep the Gay Village Nazi-free [!!!!!]
We are told the EDL are also infiltrating this meeting, watch this space for more info' on these cunts.

9th August 2011 - Update made to:

7th August 2011

This video is of Salford BNP Organiser, Gary Irwell, Riverside candidate, on hot pursuit of Steve Ord the Labour candidate, who got booted from the Lib Dems for his hard left wing attitudes and connections with the Trade Unions.

Gary's windows were smashed 3 times, his name was written on walls/ bus stops and subways in Salford calling him a nazi. Nazi logos were daubed upside down on his front door, his girl friend had a miscarriage, they protested outside his workplace and he lost his job as a direct result of this. He was also bombarded with texts and 'phone calls. MAFA waged war on him for standing for the BNP and gaining support. Alex Halligan was also arrested for the smashing his window, four of them came dressed in black smashed the window and ran away from Gary who gave chase... he would have twatted them if he caught them but the chase ended as they fled in a car.

Gary decided to ask the Labour guy why Labour activists were doing this and he wanted to hear their excuses about the paedo scum Labour25. Watch the vid and see what happened - the Labour guy's arse fell out of him.

Gary was pulled in by the Police six weeks later because Steve Ord felt harassed!! What a wimp. No charges were every brought against Gary, in fact they only kept him for fifteen minutes and let him go, no further action, nothing could be done!

5th August 2011 - Update made to:

 3rd August 2011 - Update made to:

Update made to:

Upcoming SWP meetings

Birmingham - Thu 4 Aug, 7.30pm Small Heath Leisure Centre, Muntz St, B10 9RX - 0121 464 6131

Birmingham - Wed 3 Aug, 7.30pm - Stirchley Community Centre, 1326 Pershore Rd, B30 2XS - 0121 464 0886

Bolton - Wed 10 Aug, 7.30pm - Bolton Socialist Club, 16 Wood St (off Bradshawgate), BL1 1DY -

Brighton - Thu 4 Aug, 7.30pm - Phoenix Centre, 2 Phoenix Place, BN2 8ND

Essex - Thu 4 Aug, 7.30pm - Red Lion, 147 New London Rd, Chelmsford, CM2 0AA - 01245 354 092

Leeds - Wed 3 Aug 7.30pm - Trinity United Church, Banstead Terrace, Roundhay Rd, LS8 2HU - Revd Jane Craske - 0113 266 2066

London - Thu 4 Aug, 6.30pm - Riccardo's Deli, 18 Camden High St, NW1 0JH

Give these venues a ring and let them know they are hosting supporters of terrorism!

30.07.11 - These 'anarchists' are now using the courts to attempt to silence Redwatch:

Since when have Crown Courts been involved with such matters? It's a civil matter.

Correct us if we're wrong, but isn't an ISBN an International Standard Book Number that relates to books and books alone? We've never heard of an ISBN relating to a photograph.

We hear the courts take a dim view of false letters written in their name. We'll be passing this nonsense on to Lincoln Crown Court.

pj anarchy
Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2011 1:21 PM
Subject: Legal and witnessed notice of intent - 30/07/2011

Attn: Redwatch agent(s). Notice of intent for the infringement of copyright data. 30/07/2011

In accordance with, THE COPYRIGHT ACT 1988, this communication serves as a statement that:

I am the exclusive rights holder for all picture(s) taken by myself, And/or other authorised bodies for use on my Facebook account(s)
(PJ Rebellion and Tom PJ Davis),
ing all additional id
entifying information such as ISBNs, publication dates and the URL of the before stated picture(s).

These exclusive rights are being violated by material available upon your site under the sub section called 'Lincolnshire Reds'
I am now informing yourselves that the use of this material in such a fashion is not authorized by the copyright holder,
the copyright holder's agent, or the law;

Under affidavit of the H.M court system (taken on 29/07/2011 at Lincoln Crown Court), I state that the information contained in this notification is accurate,
And as the exclusive holder of the information stated I am lawfully entitled to lay such claim in a court of law and, in accordance
with THE COPYRIGHT ACT 1988 lay claim for damages in the sum of £5,000 per copyright infringement (16 infringements noted).

I may be contacted by the following methods; E-mail - to be sent to

I hereby request that you remove or disable access to this material as it appears on your service in as expedient a fashion as possible. Thank you.

Thomas of the family Davis

Witnessed by:
Kevin Reynolds - Party not impaired in this notice.
Steven Greene - On behalf of The H.M Court Service.

Which photo' don't you want us to use then PJ? Is it this one?

29th July 2011 - Updates made to:

Above: Mark Jones can't understand what he's done to provoke Redwatch. Is he thick?

Mark Jones: Facebook:

Here's his star perforce on youtube -

Mobile number 07593299933

Political Views Anarcho-Communism

IT Contractor, Freelance Web Developer, Performer & Musician ·March 2011 to present
Raven De Madd, February 2011 to present
Performmance Artist, Circus Skills, Music, Magic, etc.
From Out Of The Crowd October 2010 to present
Solo Musician
.NET Web Development March 2011 to May 2011
3 month contract as doing .NET web development for Derbyshire County Council

Address Nottingham, United Kingdom

26th July 2011 - Updates made to:

This one is called Chris Goldman from Gloucester. He's involved in animal rights groups, Antifa and Class War and seems to spend a lot of time nursing wounds after being battered. No doubt he'll blame Redwatch for his bruises in the future now he's featured here. More at


6 Waverley Road
South Walkden
M28 7UW
Tel. 07943833267

Billy got on to our agent in Salford about what he was up to and begged him "Please don't put me on Redwatch!"

He was grassed up to us by fellow commie comrade Jack Youd for tagging driveways of BNP election candidates. It seems that Billy upset Jack so much at a meeting that Jack gave us this info' on him. We love it when reds fall out, they see Redwatch as a way at hitting back at each other and we're always to happy to help out with internal squabbles in Marxist circles!

Jack says soft as shit Billy McLean remarked to him that any sign of C18 activists near his house and he will chop us all up. That's nice to know Billy, thanks for the info', Jack.

  The piece of Dog Shit with the "eggs" banner is John Ward, UAF, No Borders and Tangram Red Collective Housing Corp.
 He lives at 86 Bankside Street, LS8 5AD. His flat has grills on the front door andwindow. He is the main person behind the attack on the Leeds BNP man's house.

Below: The one in the center (ginger beard and cap) is another Leeds Red that was involved in the attack on the Leeds BNP man's home and further harassment of him.
His name is Gareth Brown and he's a UAF scumbag that lives in Tangram Red Collective Housing Corp with his woman at 167 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8.

24th July 2011 - Updates made to:

22nd July 2011:
Update made to:

21st July 2011

Below: Another red moaning at being featured on Redwatch. These people (?) spend most of their time harassing Nationalists, physically attacking them in their homes and on the streets, getting them sacked from their jobs, plastering their photographs and names and addresses everywhere and think it's fun but when WE just put their details on this site, they start crying.

Mark's pics are on


This Mark Jones is from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and lives in Sutton in Ashfield and he's into juggling and unicycling.

20th July 2011

Here are some details of reds from our Salford Agent. The reds seem to think that hacking computers is a game only they can play. All we have to say to Jack Youd is get some better security on your pc mate, you never know when REDWATCH will come a calling again!

This is only a little of what our Salford Agent has on you all, so keep watching this page!!!

Salford - Tony and McCelroy - 07973853321 - Tony 07594 348148
Rochdale - Nashad - 07542031501 (the 2 might be a 7 or a 1 - it's hard to
tell!) Cheetham Hill - Atiq - 07873 300 007
Moston - Vicky 07939957431 - Lydia 07583 056 689

Oldham/Middleton - Jake 07856704408 - Jamie - 07772 536402

South Manchester - Charlie 07792 546217 (need another)

Other reps/delegates
Feminist? - Maeve - 07792 546217
FC United - Marcus - 07812 590450
Fundraisers - Marcus (above) - Thomas - 07890394548 - Joe - 07794 010433 - AJ - 07518373048
Treasurer and Newsletter - Jack Youd - 07934 858853 (include action reports for indymedia?) Mass mobilisation rep (for participation in UAF marches and so forth)
Thomas - as above (though this should be temporary, we should find someone else for this asap)
Legal and training - Carly 07403 30870
Billy McLean
Jamil Keating
Maya Oppenheim


20th July 2011 - Updates made to:

20th July 2011 - A pathetic Facebook group has been set up to get Redwatch hacked!  Pathetic attempts like this won't stop us you sad bastards!


19th July 2011 - The UAF HUNTING CLUB is well worth joining - see here

19th July 2011 - Updates made to:

This one is known to his red 'flock' as "Punk Monk" - he cost the BNP Salford organiser his job.

Manchester RED Rev David Gray - he must pay for his actions.
Gorton Monastery
89 Gorton Lane
M12 5WF
Tel. 0161 223 3211 ‎
St James Church
Gorton Lane
M18 8EH
Tel. 0161 223 0455 ‎
Emamuel Church
Emmanuel Church
Blackwin Street
West Gorton
M12 5LD
Tel. 0161 223 7113

REV DAVID GRAY - 07927734419


15th July 2011 - Update made to:
Here's a cunt to add to your 'Yorkshire Reds' page, a one Andrew Carrington (Antifa 'poet') who seems to get an 'ard on looking at the paki flag.

Here's his websites that have pictures of him:

Here's some of his traitorous comments regarding the EDL:

Here's that cuntface's address:

Mr Andrew J Carrington <- The twat in question
Mrs Rebecca J Carrington (Possibly the mother)
35 Eastfield Drive
West Yorkshire

14th July 2011 - Update made to: 

12th July 2011
Reds on a demo' against the EDL, Cambridge, July 11th 2011.

More can be seen at
12th July 2011
This is Alex Shaw from West Worthing - This scrawny piece of commie shit attacked women and children in Brighton and is now posting pictures of patriots on facebook trying to find out who they are.

His sites - and

His emails -

A few years ago, a Leeds Nationalist's home was attacked in the middle of the night shortly after the BNP Membership list was leaked.

Although the half-witted moron that carried out the attack was subsequently jailed in an absolute whirl of no publicity, the actual UAF activists that set up the attack got away scott free.

We at Redwatch know how much the lefties like lists and a Leeds Nationalist contacted us as he wants to inform anyone that cares to listen that these Marxists are absolute scum.

The following people poured drink down the throat of a mentally-retarded mixed-race lad and persuaded him to attack a BNP Member's home. The following people of course neglected to tell the retard that the BNP Man had many Black and Sikh friends that were privy to his views.

The following UAF activists are all tenant members of a small housing Co-op in Leeds called Tangram. This small co-op has around 40 properties based in the Bankside Street area of Leeds. This area Borders Chapletown and Harehills, two very different communities of Blacks and Asian Muslims. Tangram though is exclusively White and middle class. Unbelievable really, but true.

Tangram's office is at the rear of 74 Bankside Street and is open for business Mon, Tues and Wed mornings. The worker that they employ to do their bidding, Jake Kirkwood, will I'm sure, happily answer any questions about membership that you may have.

The main red behind the attack, John Ward, now lives in the house that the BNP member was forced to vacate.

John Ward, 86 Bankside Street, LS8 5AD. (the house with grills on)
Andy Dubberly, 86 Bankside Street, upstairs from John Ward.
Mark DeWolf, 25 Shepherds Lane, LS8.
Karen Pearce, 25 Shepherds Lane, LS8. This red appears on the BNP list. (infiltrator)
Tabitha Bast, 167 Roundhay Road, LS8.
Gareth Brown, 167 Roundhay Road, LS8.
Simon Brett, 116 D, Bankside Street, LS8.
Andrew Tear, 96 Bankside Street, LS8.
Eleanor Milne, 116b, Bankside Street, LS8.
Annie Winter, 84 Bankside Street, LS8.

Could be of use:
Tangram Housing Co-operative Ltd,  76 Bank Side Street, Leeds LS8 5AD  Tel. 0113 248 8743.


This one's called Simon Brett, 116d Bankside Street, LS8

He's here in Halifax with other reds (bottom left, blue jacket):

Leeds "Unite Against Freedom" twat Tabitha Bast is on the left in picture 3 of Leeds reds. She lives 167 Roundhay Road, LS8

10th July 2011
UAF and other assorted scumbags on an anti-EDL demo' in Plymouth, 9th July 2011.


Mark Jones: Facebook:

This deadlocked bonghead has set up a group in Pleasley Hill, Mansfield called The Pleasley Hill "People's" Network.
Has a blog of the same name: which is linked from a blog called the Nottinghamshire Anarchists federation.

He was recently interviewed for a podcast on indymedia, talking about the working class of Pleasley Hill -

Don't make me laugh, I grew up around here, his plan to establish a socialist group for the working class in Pleasly Hill might be dampened by the fact the working class have all been moved out of the
area as their houses were levelled as part of Prescott's 'slum clearance', and they wouldn't touch the dreadlocked beardy weirdy communist with a stick anyway, or let their children near him.

This clown lists his interests on facebook as juggling and unicycling, International of Anarchist Federations, Anarchist Federation, and anarcho communism.

He runs web design company in Sutton:

Radical Geek Web Solutions
79 The Fieldings
NG17 2TF
+44 (0)7592 399 933

30th June 2011
'Anti-fascist' cranks face jail after "vicious" attack

Fresh faced thug Jonathan Wood could soon be behind bars 
A mob of up to 30 'anti-fascists' attacked two men making their way to a nationalist rock concert at Welling train station in Kent. The masked and hooded 'anti-fascists' had lined a railway platform waiting for the two men to get off a train and then attacked them on hearing the signal "Kill the Nazis!", a court heard.
Patrick O'Donovan was punched and kicked to the ground by the 'anti-fascist' mob, while his companion Michael Heihl, a German tourist, was chased along the railway tracks and violently assaulted by other members of the mob.
The attack happened in March 2009 and the 'anti-fascist' mob had earlier joined up to 35,000 demonstrators on a 'Put People First' march through central London as part of the anti-capitalist G20 protests which later turned violent. They had then met at London Bridge station before travelling by train to Welling to wait for people to ambush and attack.
Twenty three individuals were arrested by police after the attack and eleven later prosecuted. Seven were convicted and four acquitted after a trial.
For future reference, the twenty three individuals arrested were: Andrew Baker, Alexander Bilton, Thomas Blak, Pavel Braun, Christopher Bray, Ian Childs, Toby Coe, Sean Cregan, Philip de Sousa, Mark S De Wolf, Ravinder S Gill, Benjamin Hayes, Richard Hindes, Austen Jackson, David J Lewis, Duncan J Money, Stephen Pelly, Dominic Rollin, Joseph Rollin, Farad Salas, Charlotte Travers, Jonathan Wood and Maurizio Zippo.
Ringleaders Andrew Baker, 40, from Basildon, Ravinder Gill, 39, from Bedford, Sean Cregan, 44, from Streathem, Philip de Sousa, 37, from Brighton, Austen Jackson, 40, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Thomas Blak, 34, from Hackney and Jonathan Wood, 22, from Leeds, though originally from Maryport, in Cumbria, were convicted of conspiring to commit violent disorder.
Baker, Gill, Cregan and de Sousa, who were jailed for 21 months, are currently in HMP Wormwood Scrubs in London following the trial, while Jackson, Blak and Wood will be sentenced in August and face a maximum sentence of five years in prison following their convictions.
During the trial, Mark Trafford, prosecuting, said: " Whatever these people's actual views about life, politics or anything else, whatever groups they may or may not be members of, they didn't deserve to be attacked in this way. The attack was vicious."
Police used mobile phone records and CCTV footage to link the masked attackers to the scene of the attack.
Jonathan Wood and his friend Duncan Money, both originally from Maryport, were members of the trotskyite communist Socialist Party of England and Wales (SPEW), the successor organisation to the far-left Militant Tendency which successfully infiltrated the Labour Party after the Second World War until Labour leader Neil Kinnock purged them in the 1980s. Despite his membership of SPEW, Wood actually contested a seat on Allerdale Council for the Labour Party in 2008. His parents Janice and Martin Wood are both Labour Councillors on Allerdale Council representing a ward in Maryport where they both live.
Duncan Money recently graduated from Oxford University where he studied Politics and History. He aspires to be a journalist but while members of SPEW, both he and Wood campaigned vigorously against the British National Party in Cumbria.
While his friend Jonathan Wood faces possibly five years in jail, surely a job at the BBC now beckons for Duncan Money?
Redwatch will watch future career developments with interest.
Just in:
Andy Baker (21 months)
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
PO Box 757
Du Cane Rd

Thomas Blak (Unsentenced)
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
PO Box 757
Du Cane Rd

Sean Cregan (21 months)
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
PO Box 757
Du Cane Rd

Ravinder Gill (21 months)
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
PO Box 757
Du Cane Rd

Austen Jackson (Unsentenced)
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
PO Box 757
Du Cane Rd

Also Jonathan Wood (unsentenced)

Seven anti-facists face jail for an attack on two 'Nazis'

29 Jun 2011

Seven anti-fascist protesters are facing jail today for plotting to ambush two men making their way to a 'neo-Nazi' event.

The masked and hooded demonstrators lined a railway platform waiting for their targets to get off a train, and attacked on hearing the command: "Kill the Nazis", the court heard.

Patrick O'Donovan was punched and kicked to the ground and his companion Michael Heihl was chased onto the tracks at Welling station, Kent, the jury was told.

Ringleader Andrew Baker, 40, Ravinder Gill, 39, Sean Cregan, 44, Philip de Sousa, 37, Austen Jackson, 40, Thomas Blak, 34, and Jonathan Wood, 22, were convicted of conspiring to commit violent disorder.

Four others were cleared after a trial at Blackfriars Crown court. The seven found guilty will be sentenced in August and face a maximum sentence of five years.

Mr O'Donovan and Mr Heihl were set upon as they made their way to a nearby pub in March 2009 which was holding a rock concert organised by the reight wing extremists Blood and Honour.

The defendants had earlier joined up to 35,000 demonstrators on a Put People First march through central London as part of the G20 protests.

They met at London Bridge station before travelling by train to their intended target.

During the trial, Mark Trafford, prosecuting, said: "Whatever these people's actual views about life, politics or anything else, whatever groups they may or may not be members of, they didn't deserve to be attacked in this way. The attack was vicious."

Police later used mobile phone records and CCTV footage to link the attackers to the scene.

Baker, of Basildon, Blak, of Hackney, Wood, of Leeds, Jackson, of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, Gill, of Bedford, Cregan, of Streatham, and de Sousa, of Brighton, were found guilty of conspiring to commit violent disorder.


Above is a photograph of Tory leader David Cameron and Scottish Conservative parliamentary candidate Richard Cook. Cameron and Cook are both united in their support for the Conservative Party and its treasonous capitalist policies of continued National Decline and Racial Ruination. Both are also united in their support for the Trotskyite front-group Unite Against Fascism. Below is a photograph of Mr Cook taken from his website attending a recent  UAF event in Glasgow with extremist Marxian groups such as the SWP and SSP amongst other assorted reds and spotty-faced 'anarchists'.

Capitalists and Communists appear, on the surface, to be complete opposites but by comparing the policies they support or oppose and the things we White Nationalists support or oppose it's obvious the tories and the reds are one and the same. Marxists and Capitalists both support internationalism, multiracialism, race-mixing and the destruction of the family unit, the murder of unborn children, the removal of ancient national boundaries and the destruction of cultural differences. White Nationalists oppose all these unnatural policies.

The terms 'left' and 'right' originated in pre-revolutionary eighteenth century France where the opponents of the ruling class sat of the left-hand side of the parliamentary chamber and those in support of the monarchy sat on the right-hand side.

Those terms are now redundant and the only two political labels that can be given to political factions in Britain today are 'Pro-British' and 'Anti-British'. We White/British Nationalists are the former, everyone else is the latter!  

10th February - Update made to:

24th January - Updates made to:

14th January - Updates made to:


An amusing pic of some reds in Scotland that seem to think Redwatch are bananas! We reserve comment but the one in the middle looks like he's on something illegal.

Thanks for the advertising lads!

Redwatch Refuted

Journalist Peter Lazenby has spoken out against the far-right after a photograph from outside NUJ conference appeared on the extreme nationalist website Redwatch.

The picture (above), taken by NUJ student David Hedges, was taken without permission and appeared on Redwatch yesterday afternoon.

Mr Lazenby, who has been involved in investigating the extreme-right since the 1970s, wants the website shut down. He said: “The NUJ wants the site banned as it’s picking on journalists in particular. It’s incitement to bloody violence, but the government say they can’t do it because it’s sourced in the United States. But we know who runs it locally.

“One is Kevin Watmough, who is a Bradford based Nazi, now associated with a group called the British People’s Party, and the other is a bloke called Simon Sheppard, both of whom have spent time in prison.”


Redwatch is used as a resource to compile personal details and images of suspected anti-fascists and other political opponents. Although the site claims this is for the sake of information gathering only, there have been several incidents of violence in the past.

Mr Lazenby’s image appears on Redwatch as an alleged “Red Journalist”. He said: “I’m not paranoid and I’m not going to let these people affect my life but things do happen.

“In Leeds there were two teachers who were active anti-fascists. Their details appeared on the site and three nights later their car was petrol bombed. A guy in Liverpool also had his details published and somebody turned up on his doorstep and stabbed him in the face.”

As a reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post and Chairman of the NUJ’s branch in Leeds, Mr Lazenby has none-the-less been a target for Redwatch activists in the past: “They once published an address that I have lived at previously. At that point I had to get in touch with the police and tell them that this place might come under attack. Since then I have moved several times and fortunately they have never found me.”

The appearance of the photograph on Redwatch initially caused dismay among some NUJ delegates, who called yesterday for a general ban on photography whilst conference was in session.

Such fears were countered this morning in a speech by student-journalist Elizabeth Houghton. She said: “I am not one of those student photographers but I, like the rest of you, stand by them. If you say that photography must be banned because Nazis may, at a later point, use any photo to intimidate journalists, you might as well grab their cameras now and throw them on the funeral pyre of freedom of expression.”

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